Amy Schumer is a popular comedian whose humor is highly praised and acknowledged worldwide.

Schumer is amongst the most famous comedians that are known to spread magic the moment they step onto the stage.

Amy Schumer weight

Amy sensed her talent to entertain people at a very tender age. And so, she started participating in off-Broadway shows in her teenage years.

With consistency and support, she managed to make her way to Comedy Central.

Her most applauded presence was in ‘Last Comic Standing’, where the woman reached the top finals and became a known face thereafter.

Interestingly, the popularity of reaching the top was much to earn her a television series, by her own name, Inside Amy Schumer.

Owing to her talent to amuse and engage the audience, she was later offered a character in a comedy movie, Trainwreck.

While Amy had always been satisfied with the progression of her career, she was never this confident about her self-image.

She was overweight, and hence, was often being subjected to body shaming.

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Celebrity Before And After

Well, dealing with the societal beauty standards is not always easy, especially when, when your physical appearance counts more than your performance in the industry.

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As said, the comedian has never been too satisfied about her self-image, as she always knew that she is flabby and a bit overweight.

AmyShe further knew what works in favor in the entertainment industry, more than talent!

Sad but true, the woman was not deemed appropriate by many, while she got shortlisted for her debut movie, trainwreck.

According to the provocative comedian, surviving in an industry that is too judgmental about your appearance is difficult.

It is more like a struggle, to give your best in a situation when you are made to think more about your appearance than performance.

Interestingly, Amy’s apprehensions towards her appearance have also led her to call off few of her shows, as she was unsure of what to wear.

The excess in Amy Schumer weight was never new to her; in fact, it was a concern she had been facing since her pre-teenage years.

Height: 1.7m (5.5”)
Weight gain: 180 pounds (81.6kg)
Weight loss: 40 pounds.
Measurements: 38-28-38 inches.


Amy’s poor lifestyle choices are to be blamed for the excess gain in her weight.

As she started climbing the stairs of success, she became low-maintenance with regard to self-care.

Amy Schumer weight gain

She used to have her favorite foods all the time and drink in excess, which of course, resulted in weight gain.

At the time she was approached for the movie trainwreck, she weighed 180lbs!


When the film makers of Trainwreck casted her, they demanded her to slim down for the better portrayal of her role as ‘Amy’.

Since Schumer is highly professional and wanted to make it big in Hollywood, she agreed!

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Amy was asked to bring down the scale to 140lbs, or it will hurt the audience’s eyes!

Well, that’s what she has been told by the producers of Trainwreck!


When asked if she was happy with the command of losing weight, Amy replied in a ‘no’!

Amy Schumer weight lossShe was not at all pleased with the thought of coming out of her comfort zone and be what she is not.

But reluctantly, she got on board. Amy Schumer weight loss introduced her to a great deal of challenges which she accepted and dealt with utmost patience.

Her target was to move back to 140lbs, as imposed by the producers.

The chubby girl started with a trainer who devised a special circuit for her body.

Amy Schumer workout was arduous, but result-bearing.

It involved certain exercises that were good enough to involve each and every part of her body and target as much as calories possible.

Few of these exercises were:

  • Spider plank.
  • Dumbbell curl press.
  • Superman.
  • Skater lunge.

In order to keep her interest intact, her trainer would often ask her to perform a single exercise of her choice or all the moves at once.

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Another routine she used to follow for a change was plyometrics routine.

This variation enabled her to stay motivated and generate better results.

Amy was further asked to alter her eating habits.

The new, Amy Schumer diet was too patience testing, yet she adhered to it unwearyingly. As per it, she had to kick start her day with a fresh, green smoothie.

For other meals of the day, she had to have light foods. Snacking was not allowed. In case of need, water was suggested to kill the unwanted hunger pangs!


Amy managed to look her best in her debut, trainwreck, however, she supports body positivity.

Amy Schumer before and after weight loss

She no longer aims to burden herself, with something she feels does not suit her or throws her out of her comfort zone.

Amy is happy with her size and strongly encourages self-acceptance!

If you want to connect to Amy, or want to check Amy Schumer before and after photos, follow her on her Instagram or Facebook account!

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