Tuna diet plan for two weeks that works

This is a true fish-based diet that works and allows you to lose 11 pounds in the first two weeks. The fish diet plan is suitable for people who like fish products.

Make your own diet menu with PureFit Keto Reviews. You must choose a four-course dinner for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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1. Two cups of black bread, lettuce, tomato, 50 g of fish in its juice.

2. 25 g of chips (without sugar) with milk, toast with a small jam, a little banana.

3. One toast, 50 g of fish in its own juice, a glass of lemon juice, tomato.

4. 50 g of cooked mushrooms, one egg and a hole cut on the barbecue grill bacon, a bit of pressed orange.


1. 150 g of fish and a large portion of a mixed portion of mixed green vegetables, stuffed with lemon juice.

2. 90 g of fish and a large segment of the mixed plate of mixed vegetables, a squeezed lemon, a roll.

3. Toast, boiled fish with a spoonful of tomato sauce and a huge piece of green and vegetable leafy vegetables mixed with lemon juice;

4. Sandwich two small slices of black bread with a serving of green vegetables and fish.

In addition, the dinner must contain a crunchy organic product (single picking): apple, orange, pear, plum or two small bananas.


1. 150 g of smoked ham boiled in water, 12 g of spaghetti with tomato sauce, boiled fish and broccoli or cabbage.

2. 250 g of chicken cooked in a flame grill (without skin), green beans, hot tomatoes, 50 g of mushrooms bubbled in chicken soups, a huge piece of green plate of mixed vegetables loaded with lemon juice and Yogurt cup eating routine.

3. 75 g of low-fat cooked meat with 150 grams of fish, mushroom soup with onions, tomatoes and condiments; 125 g of bubble potatoes, a huge piece of cabbage and cauliflower.

4. 150 g of fish with bubbles of lemon juice and 6 g of margarine, zucchini or cauliflower, broccoli, lemon cut.

It is also important to incorporate a new organic product after dinner.

Mixed beverages and bites:

A glass of dry wine glass; Firm bread with green vegetable portion; Small chocolate bars or two small dry buns, 150 grams of grapes & Keto diet. It is recommended to advise social services before starting any new feeding routine.

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